Why 2023 Is the Best Year You Won’t Remember
Tom Stimson
December 27, 2023
PC Ep 24: Why 2023 Is the Best Year You Won’t Remember

This week, we’re looking back at the business world of 2022–23 and preparing for the opportunities of 2024.

Different companies faced the year’s challenges in a few different ways:

  • The Faithful: Companies that promised a lot but couldn’t deliver. What can we learn from them?
  • The Optimists: Businesses that did okay but missed making key strategic changes for lasting success.
  • The Realists: The ones who made smart, lasting changes, kept making profits, and evolved.

As 2024 approaches, we explore how adaptable and forward-thinking companies can thrive. This episode is perfect for leaders and entrepreneurs who want to make their businesses stand out and succeed in the new year.

Tune in for straightforward talk on what your company needs to do next, and lead your business to success in 2024.

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Tom Stimson MBA, CTS is an authority on business and strategy for small- to medium-sized companies. He is an expert on project-based selling and a thought leader for innovative business processes.
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