Webinar Replay – Organizational Structures for Scalable Growth

Your Team Desperately Needs to Understand Your Strategy

The first step is to have one

You can waste a lot of time preparing for the unknown, for what might happen. Too few companies prepare for what they fully expect to happen. This is the essence of strategy: Planning what to do based on what you think will occur.

In the looming post-pandemic world, many of us wonder how we will handle the sudden resurgence of business. “When do I bring my employees back?” or, “Will I lose my best clients to competitors?”

Unless you are 100% sure of what your demand will look like, there is no perfect plan. However, you can be 100% sure of what you will say yes to, and that is the first step towards an effective business strategy.

In this month’s webinar, Tom Stimson will share the biggest business lessons of the pandemic for the event production industry.

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