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Recap of 2022 and What to Expect for 2023

A peek around the corner, so you can rest easy and enjoy the holidays

The last thing you need over the winter holidays is more stuff to worry about! So let’s take a quick review of what we’ve learned this year and how it will help us navigate 2023.

In this month’s Intentional Success® Webinar, Live Event Industry guru Tom Stimson will share his thoughts on what to expect in the months to come. Have you made the adjustments you need to make, so you can enjoy the ride?

Don’t worry too much if there are one or two processes left to implement, people to hire, or tasks to accomplish. Tom will share the three most important keys to a prosperous 2023, and they don’t require you to change anything other than your mindset.

"Great webinar. Lots to implement. Thanks for responding to my questions"
John Johnson
"Great session today; tough talk, tough love."
Frank Berman
"Thank you for leading the industry through a unique year, Tom."
Steve Kearney
"Thanks for your time, knowledge, experience and guidance!"
Bob Blaho
"Hi Tom, thank you for helping us all get back to working and be a better company on the other side of this Pandemic:-)"
Mike Fitzgerald
"Thank you, Tom. Really useful info"
Adrian Rozenblum
"Thanks Tom! Great session as always!"
Patrick McGannon
"Great session, Tom! Invaluable info as always."
Justin King