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The Completely Transparent Large Event Proposal

Never Sell on Price Again

We know there’s a difference between a small event and a large production. Why would you use the same proposal?

Major events pose a lot of challenges. If the project is “out to bid,” then the scale of variables makes it impossible to develop a comparative quote — even if there’s a detailed RFP. Everyone who estimates the project will make a few mistakes, misinterpret some needs, and try to sprinkle in some magic value dust that skews the numbers.

Isn’t it a guessing game? Guess what price the buyer wants to see. Guess what your competitors will bid. Even guess how much money you’ll make.

If you want to win the job, why not put your best price on it the first time around? A tight scope of work, defensible numbers, and a great customer experience outshine empty promises and confusing math. Plus, you can guarantee your profit.

Wait what?

In this month’s Intentional Success® Webinar, I want to show you how to build a truly win-win offer for your next major opportunity.

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