From Selling to Serving: Transforming the Buyer’s Journey with Ciara Feely
Tom Stimson
January 24, 2024
PC Ep #28: The Buyer’s Journey with Ciara Feely

This week on the podcast, we’ve got a very special guest.

With a background in hospitality and her own venue-finding agency, Ciara Feely brings a unique perspective to sales, focusing on understanding client needs.

A few highlights include:

  • Ciara’s journey from hospitality sales to running her own agency
  • Her interesting “third eye” approach: seeing sales from the client’s side
  • Essential tips like slowing down, effective questioning, and guiding clients
  • Investment over budget: shifting focus for deeper client relationships
  • Elevating production quality and educating clients on its impact

This episode is packed with insights for enhancing your sales approach to genuinely connect with your customers and clients.

Tune in for strategies that will revolutionize your sales perspective!

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