The Genesis of Rental Management Software
Tom Stimson
February 28, 2024
PC #32: The Genesis of Rental Management Software

Join me for a conversation about the early days of rental management software and how these systems have shaped (and skewed) our industry.

I’m digging into the genesis here, from basic scheduling apps to the feature-bloated beasts many of us love to hate today. You’ll hear some crazy tales of customization gone wrong, data overload, and rental DNA-distorting service companies.

I’m uncovering key legacy constraints that still affect our systems and workflows — where we missed opportunities to evolve as our businesses changed.

This is a nostalgic ride from the early systems like Point and TAVS to sophisticated platforms like Flex. What has improved and what do we still get wrong? How can we build better systems moving forward?

I’m fired up about the chance to reset some of our fundamental assumptions and perspectives across sales, services, and systems.

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Tom Stimson MBA, CTS is an authority on business and strategy for small- to medium-sized companies. He is an expert on project-based selling and a thought leader for innovative business processes.
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