The First Time I Used the Word “Scalability”
Tom Stimson
March 20, 2024
PC #35: The First Time I Used the Word “Scalability”

I’m taking a trip down memory lane to the early days of my career, when I first started using the word “scalable” in the context of live events operations.

This episode is a deep dive into the perennial challenges that have plagued event production companies for decades: the unpredictable feast-or-famine cycles, the ever-looming specter of labor costs, and the chaotic nature of last-minute business.

I also discuss the solutions that have proven effective time and time again over my decades of experience.

I’m sharing practical tips for managing seasonality, controlling labor expenses, and adapting to spontaneous opportunities, all while keeping a firm eye on growth and — you guessed it — scalability.

Tune in now!

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Tom Stimson MBA, CTS is an authority on business and strategy for small- to medium-sized companies. He is an expert on project-based selling and a thought leader for innovative business processes.
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