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"Demand will become the text book for my sales staff."

Doug Murray
Choice Live

"Finally, an easy-to-read, commonsense explanation and approach to digital marketing in business today!"

Christopher Miller
Executive Director
PSNI Global Alliance, Inc

Demand: How to Build a Smarter Sales Funnel
So You Can Turn Down Better Business

What makes small businesses successful is a steady supply of qualified prospects that are prepared to buy. This is your one opportunity to convert them from prospect to customer. What you do to create more of these moments is what this book is all about.

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In this book, you will learn how to...

  • Magnetize Your Sales Funnel
  • Grow and Engage Your Prospect List
  • Nurture Prospects with Email Marketing
  • Write Effective CTAs
  • Build Sales-Ready Leads
  • Connect In-Person Sales Opps to Your Funnel
  • Increase Conversion On Your Website
  • Create Intentional Online Content
  • Promote Your Content
  • Navigate SEO for Small Business

... and much more.

What Others Are Saying About Demand

Finally, an easy-to-read, commonsense explanation and approach to digital marketing in business today! Tom Stimson goes right to the fundamental essence of marketing, and ultimately sales, that makes this book as relevant to a startup as it to a company with a full complement of marketing resources. Appropriately named, Demand is a must read for every owner, marketing team and sales manager who desires to create or refine a digital marketing strategy that works, increases demand and aligns the right customers with the unique services your company offers.

Christopher Miller

Executive Director, PSNI Global Alliance, Inc

As a small business owner in the event industry, it came at a perfect time as this pandemic has turned our industry up on its end. Demand has opened my eyes to ways in which I can make sure my company is staying relevant. By reading this book and taking copious notes I have been able to plan strategic moves to help fill my funnel with the clients that make my business fun, worthwhile, and profitable.

Nancy Spooner

Founder and CEO, Tempo Live Events, Inc.

Throughout my career I’ve been in dozens of conversations like this: “If we only had enough clients we wouldn’t have to (fill in the blank)”…and then we’d name all of the possibilities if we could only attract the clients who were best suited for us.

But we didn’t know where to begin and by reading Demand, I now understand the marketing strategies and tactics available to help build a successful sales funnel. Tom Stimson provides business leaders with a clear, direct path to generating an over-supply of prospects to support the goal of being selective and focusing on the prospects who best fit the business.

Demand would be a great book club read for a leadership team who’s skeptical about marketing’s connection to sales success, or struggling to “figure out” how to ensure their marketing creates impact.

Bill Bunkers

Partner, Tonic Consulting Group

Demand is a welcoming, quick read that cuts through the clutter to help leaders maximize their sales funnels and supercharge their marketing. Well worth your time!

David Porter

Founder, DPA

Demand will become the text book for my sales staff. I’ve made this incorrect assumption that our Sales team understood the funnel simply because we refer to it every day. Demand is the clearest way to explain the intention behind the funnel. It walks you through each step on how to create value for your target customer/client, while simultaneously giving you step by step, realistic direction on how to set up your own digital marketing infrastructure. It pulls back the curtain on Digital Oz, and explains how all of us are capable of engaging with our prospects in a meaningful way which science tells us always results in real hawwwt leads. That’s not a typo. That’s how I talk when I’m excited. Like a hockey player from Boston.

Doug Murray

President, Choice Live

Tom Stimson has created the perfect step-by-step guide for marketers and non-marketers alike! The story-based, real world strategies in this book are easy for busy owners to understand, implement, and eventually simply oversee. Best of all, if you’re already familiar with Tom’s strategies, the clear processes in this book will begin creating intentional outcomes in no time.

Dave Jensen

CEO, Encompass Event Group

Tom Stimson’s Demand is a highly accessible guide for the leadership teams of the SMB. He provides the reader with multiple aha moments, defined strategies to get into action, and clear next steps that are quick and easy to implement. My favorite sections amplify the importance of creating value at the right times and in the right ways throughout the sales funnel.

Karl Becker III

Founder & President, Improving Sales Performanceand Author of Set Up To Win

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More About Demand

What could you do with more demand for your services than you can possibly handle?

Demand: How to Build a Smarter Sales Funnel So You Can Turn Down Better Business is the small business owner and solo entrepreneur’s guide to growing sales without losing focus on every other aspect of their work.

Author Tom Stimson distills the essence of digital marketing into easy-to-understand terms and manageable steps with no wasted effort. You will learn how to methodically engage the most desirable buyers, put them in the correct frame of mind to work with you, and then trigger their pent-up demand for your services. Your job is to choose the perfect customers with work that best fits your needs, price point, capacity, and tastes.

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Tom Stimson, Business Advisor, Coach, and Consultant works exclusively with hands-on owners and management teams that want to improve their decision-making and elevate their strategic thinking. His Intentional Success® framework has helped hundreds of companies remove the clutter of past decisions and focus on better goals with resolute efficiency. He holds an MBA from the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University. He lives in Dallas, TX with his wife Kay, their three dogs, and a stubborn cat.

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