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Demand isn't an output, it's a mindset

Your product, your brand, and your market relevance should make you the best of the best. You control quantity and price, so you can allocate capacity to ideal customers that will buy again and again. 

You are supposed to be turning down business opportunities.

Tom Stimson's viral book Demand: How to Build a Smarter Sales Funnel So You Can Turn Down Better Business has helped business leaders see that the real goal of marketing is to develop more sales than you can possibly handle.

What does the rest of your team need to do to help?

Inside every small business sales initiative is a panicked Operations Manager and nervous Accountant who are afraid this just might work - and they won't be ready.

The simplified approach that Tom wrote about in Demand applies to every aspect of your business. When it comes to aligning Sales, Operations, and Finance towards sustainable growth and profitability, no one knows more about hidden obstacles than Tom.

Hire Tom to deliver his message of validation, inclusion, and progress to your hungry team.

A Smarter Keynote

There are a lot of moving parts to any business, but small business is more susceptible to the pain of too many jobs and not enough people. As one owner described it, "If my people aren't scrambling to keep up, then we have too many people." 

As your business grows, the problem gets worse. It becomes harder to get things done, margins shrink, and before you know it - you are selling on price to generate cash flow. You can't sell your way out of a broken business model.

Small business expert Tom Stimson is ready to expose the secret obstacle that is keeping your business from growing and prospering to its full potential in his dynamic and engaging keynote:

Why Your Business is Focused on Too Many Things

How to point everyone and everything to the one goal that always matters

Everyone on your team needs a Demand Mindset in order to tear down the self-induced roadblocks that exist in every business. Workers should be focused on creating capacity, maximizing margins, and attracting the right customers. What are they doing instead? Managing a thousand distractions that take away from the handful of tasks that contribute directly to creating and supporting Demand.

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Tom will help your team:

  • Recognize the need for transparency
  • Grasp the importance of scalable solutions 
  • Focus on reducing costs 
  • Set aside territorial conflicts
  • Come together to win important projects
  • Prioritize throughput in all areas 

... and much more.

What Others Are Saying About Tom Stimson

You went above and beyond in your keynote speech, and it's been incredibly valuable. I have more confidence as a result of your advice, and I'm excited to make some shifts in the way our company has been turning over equipment. I've been diving into your website, and I'm so grateful that these resources exist. Thank you for stepping into your gifts the way that you have, and sharing what you've learned.

Annabeth Rickley,
Production Services, Inc.

Throughout my career I’ve been in dozens of conversations like this: “If we only had enough clients we wouldn’t have to (fill in the blank)”…and then we’d name all of the possibilities if we could only attract the clients who were best suited for us.

But we didn’t know where to begin and by reading Demand, I now understand the marketing strategies and tactics available to help build a successful sales funnel. Tom Stimson provides business leaders with a clear, direct path to generating an over-supply of prospects to support the goal of being selective and focusing on the prospects who best fit the business.

Demand would be a great book club read for a leadership team who’s skeptical about marketing’s connection to sales success, or struggling to “figure out” how to ensure their marketing creates impact.

Bill Bunkers

Partner, Tonic Consulting Group

Tom Stimson has created the perfect step-by-step guide for marketers and non-marketers alike! The story-based, real world strategies in this book are easy for busy owners to understand, implement, and eventually simply oversee. Best of all, if you’re already familiar with Tom’s strategies, the clear processes in this book will begin creating intentional outcomes in no time.

Dave Jensen

CEO, Encompass Event Group

I was surprised at how much I learned... I have been in sales over 30 years and have heard some of these ideas before – but it is so important to reconnect with the message and be reminded that applying these methods do work!

Lauren Brach,

Enterprise Sales Manager, Intellievent

Thanks again for the excellent seminar. Marketing has not always been at the forefront of my mind. But after spending some time with you as taking in the full seminar (branding, sales, marketing, content), I now understand how imperative it is to growing as a professional and as part of a company. I greatly look forward to implementing many of the techniques discussed and growing my skill sets.

Matt Peski,

Masque Sound

Demand will become the text book for my sales staff. I’ve made this incorrect assumption that our Sales team understood the funnel simply because we refer to it every day. Demand is the clearest way to explain the intention behind the funnel. It walks you through each step on how to create value for your target customer/client, while simultaneously giving you step by step, realistic direction on how to set up your own digital marketing infrastructure. It pulls back the curtain on Digital Oz, and explains how all of us are capable of engaging with our prospects in a meaningful way which science tells us always results in real hawwwt leads. That’s not a typo. That’s how I talk when I’m excited. Like a hockey player from Boston.

Doug Murray

President, Choice Live

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About Tom Stimson

Tom Stimson, Business Advisor, Coach, and Consultant works exclusively with hands-on owners and management teams that want to improve their decision-making and elevate their strategic thinking. His Intentional Success® framework has helped hundreds of companies remove the clutter of past decisions and focus on better goals with resolute efficiency. He holds an MBA from the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University. He lives in Dallas, TX with his wife Kay, their three dogs, and a stubborn cat.

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