"If you've been in the event production industry as your career, you may feel that he's been 1) Bugging your office 2) reading your emails to your teams and 3) wishing that you'd read this sooner."

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"New challenges sometimes require new solutions.  In Tom's book, he not only outlines the plan for change, but de-risks the fear of making those changes.  Well done, Tom!"

Angela Alea, President, LASSO

Balance: How to build a scalable business with less stress and more profit

If you want to un-complicate your business, do good work more easily, and make money more consistently, then fix your processes. At this stage of your business career, you have enough perspective to see a better path, but first you need to get over what you did to get where you are. 

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In this book, you will learn how to...

  • Stop relying on busy months to make up for the losses of your slow months
  • Quench your dependence on revenue, so you can focus on profit
  • Be in a position to say ‘No’ to non-ideal customers, while maintaining a full sales funnel
  • Focus on delivering the service and results you want to be known for
  • Find your perfect mix of scalability, so you can grow your business while your business grows with you
  • Reduce the stress of running a busy company in a dynamic industry, because you deserve it

... and much more.

More About Balance

If revenue will solve all of your business problems, then revenue isn’t the issue. It’s overhead expenses. But there’s a catch, lower overhead needs better systems and processes to maintain the quality of your work.

Scalability means that as revenue grows, your profit as a percentage of revenue will also increase.

The goal is to find the perfect mix of scalability and maintain that equilibrium. It’s a balancing act, but once you have achieved scalability, you can grow your business more profitably and with less stress. 

Author Tom Stimson will teach you that Balance doesn't mean equal. Work-life balance isn't 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of play, and 8 hours of work, every day. Balance for you may skew heavily towards your family, hobbies, or activities, but that doesn't mean you neglect work.

The same is true about balance in business. For some types of companies, balance means 70% focus on sales, 20% operations, and 10% administration. However, if the balance you have is not the balance you need, then what is stopping you from making the transition?

About Tom Stimson

Tom Stimson, Business Advisor, Coach, and Consultant works exclusively with hands-on owners and management teams that want to improve their decision-making and elevate their strategic thinking. His Intentional Success® framework has helped hundreds of companies remove the clutter of past decisions and focus on better goals with resolute efficiency. He holds an MBA from the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University. He lives in Dallas, TX with his wife Kay, their three dogs, and a stubborn cat.

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