Gain Access to the AV Industry's
Top Business Owners & Decision-Makers
at Jumpstart Workshops and AV Matters® Roadshow

Jumpstart Workshops are a series of professional development events presented by Tom Stimson of Stimson Group LLC.

Each Jumpstart event focuses on educating owners and management on business best practices for the AV Industry. The content is high-level and strategic, and each event is intertwined with the others.

The AV Matters® Roadshow is a boutique expo targeting the AV Live Events segment in major markets.

Part trade-show, part business education, and part networking - the Roadshow brings decision-makers and key influencers together in a business setting. 

Tom Stimson is the Audiovisual Industry’s most prolific Management Consultant, author, speaker and business expert with a proven track record for taking Pro-AV companies to the next level.

Become a Jumpstart Sponsor

A select group of organizations are invited to act as sponsors and exhibitors for Jumpstart events.

Who Should Sponsor?

The ideal sponsor is vitally interested in the success and well-being of the small to medium sized Audiovisual company. Software as a Service, B2B services, and innovative products are especially relevant to Jumpstart attendees.

Why Sponsor Jumpstart?

Ample networking time, an engaged audience already focused on their businesses, and first-class hosting make Jumpstart the best return on investment for a boutique expo in the AV Industry.

Become an AV Matters® Roadshow Exhibitor

Is your product or service uniquely designed to meet the needs of the AV Live Events Industry? 

Who Should Exhibit?

Is your product already well-established? The Roadshow keeps you in touch with your best customers and prospects in a friendly networking environment. Engage in deeper conversations and build stronger relationships. 

Or is your product or service undiscovered? The Roadshow brings an entire region to you. Go from unknown to "You gotta see this" in hours instead of months. 

​What to Expect

AV Matters® followers are first and foremost business people. They represent all segments of their organizations: Owners and Principals, Operations, Sales, Technical, and Finance.

The same team that puts together the highly polished Jumpstart Workshop events has put together an executive-level event

What's the right time to engage with your ideal prospect? When they are in an environment that fosters high-level thinking and action.

Download the Sponsor/Exhibitor Prospectus to Learn More...

This download has everything you need to:

  • Learn what really makes your customers tick
  • Make a powerful statement about the importance of business education for your customers
  • Access Business Owners and Top Management in your target customer profile
  • Maximize the potential benefits of sponsorship including valuable premiums for Elite, Premier, and Presenting Sponsors.
  • Review a complete list of all the attending companies from the previous Jumpstart workshops
  • Schedule appointments with attendees in advance of the event


The Jumpstart series is marketed to the business owner or principal.  The sponsorship opportunity offers access to decision-makers while they are engaged in a strategic-thinking and learning environment with high-value networking opportunities.

“Money very well spent.  I am looking forward to attending future events.”
— Marc Wollam, Integrity AV, Jumpstart Attendee


These workshops are unique to other association or affinity group events by focusing on learning, skills, and best practices.  The attendees are highly-engaged and attentive. Learning interactive in a classroom setting with exercises and plenty of Q&A.

“It was amazing to meet so many excited people who really care about improving their work world. It was energizing!”
— Hans Wax, American AV, Jumpstart Attendee


Jumpstart attendees are invested in their businesses.  They engage readily, share tactics and often do business together afterwards.  20% of attendees have been to a Jumpstart event before and that number is increasing.

“Reviewing best practices, validating your own thoughts, and seeing that we are not all mad is incredibly powerful.”
— Stuart Gregg, NW Group, Jumpstart Attendee