Transform Expectations

Transform Expectations

As a leader, you should expect things to be done correctly, completely, and on time, but it doesn’t always go that way. Why?

You’ve tried emails, memos, job descriptions, one-to-ones, motivational posters, team meetings, new procedures, training, delegation, micro-managing, declarations, tirades…did I cover it all?

Tradition is the enemy of transformation. Authority inhibits progress. Who will speak truth to power?


  • Call them sacred cows or legacies, but there are more of these holding back your business than you can count.
  • Your newest employees can see these obstacles and recognize how they conflict with the mission. They may even know what to do about it, but they do not have the authority, respect, or experience to bring about change.
  • Leaders – no matter how well intentioned – don’t always recognize how poorly their expectations are understood.

Transforming expectations is a three-step initiative. First, establish a call to action: a goal, a crisis, or an opportunity. Second, emphasize the solutions while de-emphasizing the obstacles. Third, measure progress and reward contributors. Achieving success requires an unwavering focus on the goal, clear displays of dedication, and the wisdom to know when and how to adjust the course.

“Tom Stimson has the expertise, experience, insight, personality and wisdom to make an impact on your company. His ability to dig into the details of a company’s processes and analyze how they affect outcomes is superb. But his greatest strength is being able to give you real life solutions to those issues that create results.”
– Steve Wildemann, Owner, Advanced Staging Productions