Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking

For me the essence of strategic thinking is a conversation around a very clear target. It’s all about yesses and noes. Yes, this initiative makes sense, No, this client is not who we are looking for. Many companies avoid strategic discussions because the parameters are too broad, but ironically, the purpose of Strategic Thinking is to narrow those boundaries. 

I picture a bull’s-eye with arrows scattered around it, The bull’s-eye is your strategy, the arrows are tactics. The discussion is about where the arrow will land.

Learning how to think strategically often begins with applying the filters you already have in place. Your company has assumptions and expectations about what business you are in, how you make money at it, and who your customers are. Let’s start there and if we find that your target is still fuzzy, we can rethink or reform the underlying assumptions about the business. 

“I think the biggest hurdle I had to overcome was how do I step into the business [owner’s] role. I needed a mentor and a leader…someone willing to help teach and guide me to do that.”
– Danny Whetstone, President, DWP Live

Companies that know where they are going get there a lot faster. Let me help you turn your best thinking into your better outcomes.