Are you tired of speakers that have something to sell? Are you looking for someone that is genuinely excited about your interests who will take the time to connect the topic to your audience in a personal way? Tom Stimson has spent much of his life on the stage and knows how to engage an audience without tricks or gimmicks. He will keep them in their seats and even the most crusty attendees will leave with something to think about.

Keynote: The Wake-Up Call®


Why do organizations resist change? Your Wake-Up Call® is not the call to action. It’s the thing that makes you accept the call. In this thoughtful and personal presentation, Tom Stimson talks about his own struggle with identifying Wake-Up Calls and the techniques that will better prepare companies to not only identify theirs, but act upon them.

“We came out feeling excited and inspired. You are a gifted speaker and have a lot of knowledge to share. It was like you were just talking to our company! Again thank you for a GREAT presentation!”
– Brenda Barrett, Marketing and Creative Manager, The Gable Company

Segments and Industries

  • Audiovisual Technology & Services
  • Business Meetings and Special Events
  • Equipment Rental and Services
  • Family-Owned Businesses
  • Small to Medium Enterprises
“Tom is the best presenter I have had the pleasure to listen to at Infocomm. His advice is extremely valuable and should continue offering this program. Tom needed way more time to get ever more across because the discussions he has so informative.”


  • Branding and Marketing Small Businesses
  • Business Development Strategy
  • Fostering Change in Organizations
  • One to One Negotiating
  • Project-Based Selling
  • Promotion and Branding
  • Small Business Processes
  • Small to Medium Enterprise Management
  • Value-Based Selling
“Probably the most helpful & beneficial workshop I’ve taken at this conference so far.”

Additional Topics

  • Seven Ways to Crank Up Your Profits
  • Leveraging Your Value Proposition
  • Preparing to Sell Your Business
  • Responding to RFPs
  • Grow or Be Happy?
  • Strategic Thinking
  • 21st Century Sales
  • Customer Buying Styles
  • Process for Process Change