Burn the Ships!℠

Burn the Ships!℠

Wait? What? There’s no turning back? Change is coming and it will be collaborative, careful, measurable, and fast. When you are tired of just talking about goals, holding meetings to plan another meeting, and trying to please everyone – just to get nothing done…then it’s time for a partner with a different agenda.

Legend has it that in 1519 upon landing in Veracruz and facing a new world fraught with dangers and opportunities, that Hernando Cortes ordered his men to burn their own ships in order to solidify their resolve to survive in the New World. Survival meant venturing inland with all its unknowns – something these sailors and soldiers were loath to do. Without the ships to hold them close to shore, without the ships to guard and maintain, and with no where to retreat to – the explorers had to conquer their fears and Mexico in order to get home again. They eventually built new ships and went home with their treasure, but the lesson is what is important here.

“The reason I chose the annual agreement was I realized I needed Tom’s services over a longer, more consistent period of time. It was easy for me to reach out to Tom and engage him and ask his advice on an ongoing basis, without having to reengage him or think that it was some big project. It was really just Tom integrating himself onto our team and helping us solve those issues on an ongoing, consistent basis.”
– Steve Wildemann, CEO Advanced Staging Productions

For small companies that often survive with little strategy, minimal marketing, and reliance on unevolved processes, burning the ships is a suitable metaphor. Sticking close to shore is safe. In the relative calm of small challenges and little victories, we can grow comfortable with just getting by.

But not you

You are here because you are ready to accomplish all the things you promised to yourself when you started your business. Or perhaps you are facing a crisis that threatens your future and perhaps upsetting the status quo is the only way to move forward, quickly. Or, maybe you are not sure what is holding you back in the first place?

“Tom helped me find out where I wanted the company to go. After the first day, the cloud of smoke was lifted. I realized that I was going to have fun again.”
– Arren Wetzel, Owner, CLE Productions

Burn the Ships!℠ is my program for owners and management that are ready to accomplish a lot of things in a short time. Burn The Ships clients have unlimited access to my time to help you work on your business. We confirm your goals, inventory your resources, assess your opportunities, make a plan, and execute.

Unlimited coaching, unlimited advice and best practices, strategy, process, sales training – a complete reorganization if that’s what you need. Burn the Ships!℠ says you are committed, but also practical. Are you ready to try new ideas but worry that your team isn’t equipped to define the next steps or lacks the experience to minimize mistakes along the way? Then having a trusted advisor that has been there, done that may be just what you need. 

“Working with Tom has really helped my team identify inefficient or missing processes that were both costing us money and frustrating employees.  We’ve identified and implemented several organizational changes that are already making a huge difference in our results.  Tom’s insight, perspective, and experience are just what my company needed to implement long-overdue changes.”
– Matt Emerson, CEO, CEAVCO

An all-in program like Burn the Ships!℠ isn’t for everyone and I am very selective about who can come into the program, but if you are ready find your success formula, then we need to start with a conversation. Call me and let’s get you home again as quickly as possible.