A Peek Under the Hood®

A Peek Under the Hood®

When business owners first call me they have either a problem they think needs to be solved or a goal that they aren’t sure how to achieve. While it would be easy for me to dole out advice about the importance of creating a business plan or how leadership training is vital for the team, you probably don’t have the time or inclination to pursue theories. You are used to setting your mind to things and getting them done. Except today you are stuck and have reached out for some help. Good for you.

“Tom helped me find out where I wanted the company to go. After the first day, the cloud of smoke was lifted. I realized that I was going to have fun again.”
– Arren Wetzel, Owner, CLE Productions

I want to listen to your goals, concerns, and challenges, and understand how someone might help. I can share advice and ideas, but to really make a difference in your company, for my advice to be truly relevant, on point, and understandable to your team – I need to quickly become an insider instead of an outsider. My approach to that I call, A Peek Under The Hood®. The process is simple – I follow an order through the system and speak with individuals that represent all the key processes of the business. I review financial results, marketing plans, and even review products and pricing.

“My first thought of hiring a “consultant” was the fear of some stuffed suit arriving on site and proposing changes of a business he knows nothing about. That was certainly not you! I think you are that “blue jean” guy that’s not afraid to get dirty with his clients. Thanks for all that you do!”
– Mike Rape, Owner, Audio Visual Professional Group

The benefit is that now you and I can sit down and have an honest conversation about where you are trying to go, what you need to do to get there, and most importantly, what you need to stop doing. A Peek Under The Hood® lets me talk about your business in your language, it allows me to propose changes with a clear understanding of where you are now, so there is clarity about the path ahead.

So if the only thing you are sure of is that you are not sure about what to do next, I can help – if you will let me take a peek under the hood.

“If you are ready to get better and if you are ready to challenge yourself and be challenged, then Tom’s the guy for you.”
– Rusty Ranney, CEO, Live! Technologies