Intentional Scalability

Your Journey Begins Here

A man stands next to upward and downward trending arrows representing how to maintain your business through all seasons.

Why did this take me 40 years to figure out?

I have always known about scalability. Anyone that is responsible for growing a business knows that you need to add people and improve processes along the way.

But like many leaders from my generation, I mostly experienced year-on-year growth in my management career. Scalability meant that we added resources ahead of demand, because we were smart like that.

If you were not growing, you were dying. At least that's what we believed.

What I looked like after several years of non-stop business growth

In 2020, our Live Events experienced an unimaginable setback, which exposed catastrophic flaws in our business logic. We learned that you can have too many employees on your payroll, that there is such thing as too much gear, and that if you don't peg your prices to the market, you can lose money.

More Importantly, we learned about value. When supply exceeds demand, it is tough to get paid what you are worth.

Knowing what we do now, how should we set up our businesses to operate smoothly, make money, and grow? Balance.

We have had the lesson, now it is time to apply the knowledge. What if we had done things differently?

Balance is not a radical idea, just overdue.

You need key employees to deliver profitable revenue, plan project execution, and manage your supply chain. Everything else you can technically outsource.

Tom Stimson

Stimson Group LLC

The Fundamentals

For a quick introduction to the fundamental concepts of Scalability, Listen, Read, or Watch as you prefer:

Commit to the Pivot

Our industry experienced a radical shake-up thanks to the pandemic, when the need for a scalable business model became unmistakably clear.

What It Means to Be Scalable

Learn how to organize your business processes in a scalable model, and how to expand when revenue starts to exceed capacity.

What's the Upside?

In a scalable model, as revenue grows, profit as a percentage of revenue also grows. Your headcount will be lower, but the need for experts is higher.

The Scalability Journey

“When I needed great advice during the pandemic, Tom was there to open my eyes to a new way of thinking.  He helped me retool and clarify my business in a way that was both scalable and profitable.  Then a dream came true for me, I was able to sell it and move to my next half of life. “ 


“What Tom teaches seems nearly impossible to conquer when you first hear it. It just sounds like it’s going to be impossible to implement. But when you finally do, it definitely works great. I can guarantee that from my experiences.”


"As unique as we think we are, we’re not. There’s definitely themes throughout our industry. Owners have the same challenges. It really goes a long way when you’re working with somebody that gets your business."


The Cornerstones of Scalable Modeling

Optimized Capacity

Ideal customers, non-negotiable margins, and an unwavering commitment to quality mean you spend less time micromanaging budgets.

Cost-Based Selling

Have an honest relationship with your true costs, so you can design and sell profitably and consistently. Lose your addiction to revenue. Embrace margin. 

Collaborative Process

Selling, Planning, and Procurement work together in a self-improving system that benefits when every employee operates at their highest and best use. 

Have Fun Again

Scalable organizations experience less stress because they are self-healing, making more time for the things that matter most. 

Your Next Step

Management Briefing

Do the principles of scalability make sense to you, but you are not sure how to get your management team engaged? Invite me to present a private, interactive strategy session to start the conversation with your team.

Network & Learn

Jumpstart Workshops have introduced hundreds of managers to best practices and innovation. The emphasis is on networking with peers, along with hands-on exercises to help you better understand the materials.

Work with Tom

It all starts with a conversation. If we are a good fit, then an assessment will quickly determine the best path for optimizing your business systems and processes for scalable results. We move as fast as you are prepared to go.