Marketing Plan Tutorial

It has taken some considerable effort, but I have finally written down my approach to marketing and planning. My recommendation is to peek at the template and read the descriptions of the plan elements. Then settle in and read the tutorial. Finally, the sample plan is the complete version of the plan referenced in the tutorial.

Turning Referrals into Great Marketing

Referrals are an important tool for growing your business, but not getting a referral doesn’t have to mean failure. Use the reputation you have earned through good customer service to deepen the relationship with the client. Before you ask for that referral, you need to know the other ways we can engage happy customers and reinforce goodwill until the next sale.

Jumpstart Growth By Rebalancing Your Business Processes

The question business owners ask me most often is “Why can’t my company grow?” Good question. You are not going to like the answer. It’s because you dear business owner are good at something and you need to be good at three things. Let’s examine how to rebalance your business processes and learn how it will unleash pent-up growth.

Focus on Intentional Results

If you believe your company can and should grow, what are you doing about it? Should your profits increase too? Where’s the action plan for that? If you do nothing, something will still happen. If you do something, maybe you can better ensure the results you want.

Business Progress 1.0

Many of my consulting projects focus on “taking business to the next level.” This is an inane bit of business jargon that ironically does a great job of representing the work I do. My job is to help owners and managers progress in such a way that they never use pithy phrases like that to describe their business goals again!

What’s Wrong With My Value Proposition?

How do you get customers to pay what you’re worth instead of lumping your company in with the so-called competition? How do I get my sales people to fight for the business instead of caving in on price?

Rethinking Budgeting for Business

Too many companies settle for the profit they make instead of working for the profit goal they have set. If 20% net profit is your goal, then write a budget that gets you there. Don’t compromise until you have reviewed all your options. That is true budget discipline.