Tom Stimson has published hundreds of articles in trade magazines and for business websites. He’s put together a sample of his most popular pieces so you can get a taste of what it means to Succeed Intentionally.

Around the Table with Tom Stimson

Around the Table is a series of videos featuring six top CEOs from the Audiovisual Live Events Industry. These candid discussions cover topics that matter to business owners and executives from any segment or type of business.


The ideal state for an entrepreneurial endeavor is profitable, ongoing growth. Is your team ready? Is your business scalable? Are great customers, suppliers, and talent attracted to you? Take this brief assessment and discover how prepared your company is for growth.

Free Webinars

Tom Stimson conducts several webinars each year on business related topics. He is also a frequent guest presenter and panelist for other organizations.


Do you need a practical solution, a little inspiration, or a fresh approach? Every Wake-Up Call® podcast is designed to take you one step closer to loving your business again!

Watch Tom

Would you like to learn more about what it takes for small businesses to succeed? Tom Stimson combines compelling stories and practical business advice in these thought-provoking videos.

AV Matters

AV Matters is the business best practices website and monthly newsletter created by Tom Stimson exclusively for the international Audiovisual Services Industry. Discover why Tom is the business advisor AV Pros know and trust.

Intentional Success® Newsletter

Intentional Success® is the business best practices newsletter created by Tom Stimson to share something valuable that will help you love your business again.