Do something for yourself

Individual and Group Coaching Programs

For Owners and Principles who want to see their businesses thrive. 

Normal is not better.

Dear Owner,

If Live Events are your life, then the past year has probably seemed two lifetimes long. You have survived something once unimaginable - hopefully - better than you thought you could.

What's next?

Many of you have told me you are dreading a 'return to normal'.  Life wasn't easy before the pandemic. Margins were slipping, there were never enough employees, and it seemed you were constantly having to reinvent the business. Who wants to go back to that?

Is there a better way? - Of course there is

Can you get there faster? - Absolutely.

Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What's the best path to follow?

Why shouldn't your life be better this time around? 

I have two exciting offers to help you get started on the Next Normal. Please read on to learn about our group and individual coaching plans.


We are currently accepting TEN applications for our a new Owners' Group, launching September 23, 2021!

We have only FOUR openings for Unlimited Coaching. These will go quickly, so act now.  

“OK, so I can now see the screen. Windshield wipers stopped working for awhile... Thank you. I’m humbled, honored and grateful.”

-Jon Young, Owner, Heroic Productions

Actionable Advice

The truth is, we've been doing this incorrectly for many years. Don't believe me?

Prices have eroded, profits dwindled, and our work is harder and more complex than ever before. The traditional business model of our industry is unscalable, which is why this crisis has hit us like a loaded truss.

Here’s some of what we need to fix:

  • This is a service industry, and that means much higher profit margins than what we have been settling for. We need to reset priorities!
  • Over-supply of rental gear and employees drives prices and profits down. We can fix that!
  • A business that cannot afford to turn away non-ideal customers or projects is not healthy. Marketing is not optional!
Working one-on-one with a trusted business advisor that knows your industry, means less time learning about your business and more time taking positive steps.

“Tom has truly been there and done that, so the advice and insights he offers are grounded and practical. No pie in the sky.” -Floyd Dillman, Founder, Complete Crewing

Common sense will only get you so far. It's uncommon sense that propels you past your limitations.

Owners, This is For You If...

  • You are the owner or principal. The buck stops with you.
  • You have issues your team cannot solve on their own and you are sometimes unsure what to do yourself.
  • You want to make sure you're doing everything you can to be ready when business comes back.
  • You want accountability, and you want to be held accountable. 

Group Coaching

  • Exclusive peer group for Owners and Principals only 
  • 90-Minute Monthly Group calls facilitated by Tom Stimson
    • Share business updates, discuss major trends, share best practices
    • Members receive equal time to ask questions and contribute to the topics
    • Sessions are recorded for review and offline discussions are encouraged. 
  • Plus, private monthly 30-min call with Tom Stimson  to apply what you learn
  • Unlimited email access to Tom

  • Personalized coaching from the most respected advisor in the Live Events industry
  • Unlimited 15 and 30 minutes video calls with Tom, when you need them
  • Quarterly strategy sessions to make sure you and the team are on track
  • Unlimited email access to Tom for answers and advice
  • Access to Tom's library of tools, tips, and tricks
  • VIP access for online courses and in-person events

One-on-One Coaching

“Tom helped me find out where I wanted the company to go. After the first day, the cloud of smoke was lifted. I realized that I was going to have fun again.” 

-Arren Wetzel, Owner, CLE Productions


Tom Stimson is a Business Advisor, Coach, and Speaker who works exclusively with hands-on owners and management teams that want to improve their decision-making and elevate their strategic thinking. His Intentional Success® framework has helped hundreds of companies remove the clutter of past decisions and focus on better goals with resolute efficiency.

After nearly 40 years in the AV Industry, he has successfully advised hundreds of companies and organizations on business strategy, process, marketing, and sales. From manufacturing and distribution to dealers and service providers, Tom knows the AV value chain inside and out.





$4,500 per quarter

12 month minimum 

Includes monthly 90-minute group calls, private group chat room, and monthly 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching calls with Tom Stimson.

Plus, you will have unlimited email access with Tom for questions and feedback.




$4,500 per quarter

12 month minimum

Includes unlimited 15 and 30-minute coaching calls with Tom Stimson for one owner or principle and unlimited email access to Tom.

Plus, quarterly strategy sessions to keep everyone accountable.


“If you are ready to get better and if you are ready to challenge yourself and be challenged, then Tom’s the guy for you."

Rusty Ranney, CEO, Live! Technologies


Are group sizes limited?

Our ideal group size is ten people, but group size will vary according to the mix of applicants. Once a group is formed and underway, Tom will ask the group for input before adding anyone else. 

We also limit the number of individual coaching clients. It's all about access to Tom.

What if I find a rival or someone I just don’t like in my group?

It could happen. We will strive to address group dynamics openly and quickly, but if we have an insurmountable conflict, Tom will move folks around to different groups if available.

Honestly, be more concerned about members that don’t contribute. As for competitors, we are ALL going to be doing business differently. Maybe they are your future allies?

What if there’s more than 10 applicants for the group?

Group dynamics are important. Marketplace and channels matter too. Tom will personally assess each applicant to make sure they fit the profile and will be good for the group. Therefore, the group will be formed with the most qualified applicants.

What if I can't make a session?

We will record each session for the exclusive use of the participants. Being on the live call is ideal and in the spirit of the mutual support pledge, but stuff happens. Each group has a private chat room where you can share files, links, and conversation between calls.

I don’t really want to participate or open myself up to judgment in a group setting. Can I just listen?

No. Tom will call on each of you to contribute. That’s what makes Group work. The group is there to help you process and apply information, and help hold you accountable for the actions you want support getting done.

If Group isn't your thing, then we recommend one-on-one coaching.

How often can I really schedule calls? What does unlimited mean?

Unlimited doesn't mean exclusive, but in unlimited coaching, you can have two calls pre-scheduled at a time. Finish up one call, then book the next. The important thing is to have questions ready and be prepared to take action.  

Tom's availability is pretty generous. If you need advice sooner than available, he will do what he can to accommodate. 

The owner of the company wants me to take his place in Group. Can I do that? He/she doesn’t want to participate, but I think it is important for us.

Sorry. These groups have to be safe places for peers to talk. If you are not the owner, managing partner, or principal, then you cannot join an owner’s peer group. Let's chat about other ways Tom can help.

If I am in 1-on-1 coaching, can I add my managers to a call?

Yes! The beauty of unlimited coaching is that as long as you are on the call, Tom welcomes management participation. The goal is to learn and make changes, faster. Having your managers hear the advice first hand will help with that!

Can I pay monthly? How does that work?

We do not offer monthly payments for this program. Your initial payment is due before the first call takes place. You will automatically be billed for each quarter, payable in full in advance. This arrangement keeps our time and costs to a minimum, so we can serve more clients. 

What is the termination policy?

There is a minimal commitment to every program. Once that is fulfilled and if you choose to not renew, we ask for notification no less than thirty days in advance, so we have time to replace your seat.


Do this for you 

You deserve a better normal

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