The Live Event Business Reboot

Group Coaching Program

Group coaching for Owners and Managers who are committed to leading our industry through these challenging times to new heights.

Isolation is not the answer.

Our situation is unprecedented. Dire, but not hopeless.

We are faced with at least three to six months of idle businesses. That seems like forever, but it’s enough time to reboot your business model into something more scalable, more profitable, and better able to provide the security and eventual retirement you need.

How we do business has changed forever. No one in our industry can escape the consequences.

How will meetings and events be different? What will our customers need from us to make those events happen? In what ways will the competitive landscape change when demand returns but supply is overabundant?

We are seeking business owners and key managers whose live event production companies are suddenly disrupted by Covid-19 to take part in a new group coaching program to prepare for a new normal.

Together we will lead the industry in innovative ways to do business in the Post-Pandemic era.

There is always money to be made out of disruption. We will be the ones to do it.

Isolation is not the solution for business survival. You need peers to bounce ideas off of and hear what they are doing You need an experienced hand to help process your ideas and extrapolate the future.

(And it can’t cost much because cash is in short supply.)

The clock is ticking. Let’s get started.


We are currently taking applications for our second Owners' Group and first General Managers' Group. 
Sign-up, answer a few questions, and we will place you with a group of similar businesses.

There has never been a better time for honesty.

The truth is, we've been suffering for doing it wrong for so many years.

Prices have eroded, profits dwindled, and our work is harder and more complex. The basic business model of our industry is unscalable, which is why this crisis has hit us like a loaded truss.

I know this because I work with companies every day to help them undo mentalities of “we’ve always done it this way” and “isn’t this how everyone does it?”

That fragile formula just broke. Cash vaporized. Clients disappeared. We’re left with a few key employees and a balance sheet of assets that aren’t working for us.

What a perfect time for a Do-Over!

Be honest… where will you be in August?

This might be optimistic, but you will be working again before the end of the year. What will you be doing and who will we do it for? That is the question you have a few short months to answer.

My goal for you is that when business returns, you will be a breath of fresh air to the marketplace. No more rental baggage. No compromising on price. Making money in busy months and slow. You have control over this.

You will make margin on everything you do and get paid for it... quickly.

Here’s some of what we need to fix:

  • Pricing, terms, deposits, and cancellations must become mutually beneficial.
  • Value proposition, brand, and marketing will drive your profit.
  • Business Development will drive revenue.
  • Sales (where do I start?) will amplify the benefits and outcomes of your services.
  • Operations will be leaner and meaner, driving gross profit to the bottom line.
  • Profit must become intentional.

Owners, This is For You If...

  • You are the owner or principal. The buck stops with you. You want a community of other business owners to use as a sounding board and to share what you know.
  • You want to make sure you're doing everything you can be doing to be ready when business comes back.
  • This is right for you if you are ready to retool your business model for the new normal.
  • This is right for you if you if want to make better use of your time right now.
  • This is right for you if you believe that competing the old way is not going to be fun or profitable.
  • You want accountability.

Owners will be grouped with other owners, so rest assured you are dealing with many of the same issues at the highest level.

Program Details

  • Program Runs for 16 weeks and we will focus on designing your post-pandemic business plan.
  • Your fee includes a monthly private 30min call with Tom for you and your team.
  • Your group will meet twice a month on Zoom for ninety minutes.
  • Sessions will be archived for review and offline discussions are encouraged. 
  • Target of 15 owners per group. Minimum of 10 to form up.
  • We allow only one representative per company in a group. 
  • There's no deadline to register, but once a group forms it is closed. There is no guarantee of additional groups forming. 
  • A few short weeks ago this would have been a $25,000 on

Schedule of Session Topics

  • Session 1:  Member Intros and review strategic position of each member
  • Session 2: Industry Outlook - Biggest Opportunities, Worst Fears
  • Session 3: Recovery Positioning 1 - Solo Presentations
  • Session 4: Recovery Positioning 2 - Solo Presentations continued
  • Session 5: Accountability - How should your peers support you?
  • Session 6: 90-Day Reboot action plans 1 - Solo Presentations
  • Session 7: 90-Day Reboot action plans 1 - Solo Presentations continued
  • Session 8: Updated Industry Outlook: Biggest Worries, Highest Hopes
  • Session 9: Company Updates and Next Steps. Plan our in-person event - when and where.

Managers, This is For You If...

  • You want the confidence to float your best ideas to the owner and your team.
  • You are willing to try new things, but don't want to make a mistake if someone else has tried it before.
  • This is right for you if you're excited about finally making substantive changes in the business.
  • This is right for you if you if want to be seen as a change agent and not protector of the past.
  • You need regular feedback and engagement.


Tom Stimson has spent 35 years in the AV Industry. He is an expert on project-based selling and a thought leader for innovative business processes. As President of Stimson Group LLC, Tom has successfully advised hundreds of companies and organizations on business strategy, process, marketing, and sales.

Tom is a Past-Chairman of AVIXA and served on the Board of Directors. He is also the founder of both the AV-Matters® and Intentional Success® newsletters and is the Producer and Featured Speaker of Jumpstart Workshops.





That's all. Before the pandemic, my fee was 8x this, but I'm not here to play marketing games. I'm here to make it accessible to any serious business owner who can benefit from it.





This is an investment in your most valuable asset: The manager who will help reboot your business. Provide them the tools and support they need to help you be a more effective and successful owner.


“When I went to the Jumpstart Conference, I was blown away by the value of the content. And you've gone next level with the resources you are providing during this crisis."

Cathy Hutchison CPSM, LEED AP 
Director of Marketing – VP


Are group sizes limited?

Yes. Our maximum group size is fifteen people, but group size will vary according to the mix of applicants. Once a group is formed and underway, I will ask the group for input before we add anyone else. 

What if I find a rival or someone I just don’t like in my group?

It could happen. We will strive to address group dynamics openly and quickly, but if we have an insurmountable conflict, I will move folks around to different groups if available.

Honestly, I would be more concerned about members that don’t contribute. As for competitors, we are ALL going to be doing business differently. Maybe they are your future allies?

What if there’s more than 15 applicants for the group?

Group dynamics are important. Marketplace and channels matter too. Tom will personally assess each applicant to make sure they fit the profile and will be good for the group. Therefore the group will be formed with the first qualified applicants.

Will we only be able to talk about the listed topics?

The topics give us some focus and structure, but the group may want more time to commiserate, brainstorm, or work on individual issues. We will make time each week for some of that and allocate more time if needed.

What if I can't make the session?

We will record each session for the exclusive use of the participants. Being on the live call is ideal and in the spirit of the mutual support pledge, but stuff happens.

I don’t really want to participate or open myself up to judgment. Can I just listen?

No. I will call on each of you to contribute. That’s what makes this work. I will moderate and offer insights or best practices, but this is about applying what you know to your unique situation. The group is there to help you process and apply information and help hold you accountable for the actions you want support getting done. We are smarter together.

The owner of the company wants me to take his place. Can I do that? He/she doesn’t want to participate, but I think it is important for us.

I’m sorry. These groups have to be safe places for peers to talk. If you are not the owner, partner, or principal then you cannot join an owner’s peer group. We have a General Manager's Group for key employees. 

What if I am starting late? Is the fee prorated? How does that work?

You can join a group late if you wish, but the fee is the same. We will have as many groups as we have participants to fill or Tom has time to serve. New groups will form when we have at least 10 qualified applicants.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds allowed. You are not obligated to accept your group and can choose not to remit your fee.



Owners’ Group Coaching Program

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