Get an Unfair Advantage

“Most of us never went to school to do what we do. Even fewer of us studied Sales, but that doesn’t mean it can ignore our roles in selling. Sure, we can use titles like “Production Manager” instead of Account Executive – I am pretty sure because that allows us to wear jeans instead of a suit. However, the responsibility is the same: secure multi-year relationships on high margin, high revenue projects. No pressure.

“You may be the nicest account manager or project manager in the business, but you are judged on your ability to secure new business and retain existing customers.  It’s about time you picked up some tools to get better at it, because the responsibility is not going away.” – Tom Stimson


Put Brand ahead of your products | Speak business, instead of sales | Sell value not stuff | Negotiate with the highest confidence | Win the biggest margins | Keep your career on track


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Your boss may even have sent you to a sales seminar before. You felt out of place and no one believed that your clients won’t fall for the “sales tricks” the presenter was pushing. You sure can’t see yourself working a “selling program” – especially when you have a projects that need your attention now.

Sales training takes too long, costs too much, and there are no guarantees. Right?

“Tom is awesome. Real life examples. Really good content. I am excited to take it into real life and put it to work.”
– Nick Catanella, Senior Project Manager, AVT Productions

What if I told you that changing one word in your proposals would dramatically increase your chances of an immediate confirmation? Better odds, more quickly. What is that worth? If that change influenced just 1% of the proposals you create, what are those customers now worth?


Make it Their Idea             What’s Included?

Your employer cares about you, but they always know how to help you be better at your job. This is what they tell me all the time. They also say they wish you would take some ownership of improving yourself. Which one of you is going to be first to suggest practical training from an industry expert?

But, but, but…

Of course it is time out of the office. How else could you pay attention?

Naturally it is on company time – who is this going to benefit?

Yes it is expensive – compared to free. How is free working for you?

We are not talking forklift safety training here. If you think you have been successful without an advantage, what could you accomplish with one?

“I walked into this workshop with one perspective and walked away with another!  Your seeds of knowledge have taken root.  Many thanks for sharing your time, insight, and guidance.”
– Danielle Austin, Director of Sales, AVTS Event Management and Production


What Will I Learn?             See the Agenda

That’s debatable. You already know a lot. You may walk out of here knowing only one new thing. The question is, what could you do with that knowledge, technique, insight, or inspiration? What is it worth to close one more sale?

“The biggest thing I found was my true role, and I now understand the yard in which I need to play.”
– John Killacky, Director of National Sales, Bartha

Here’s the right question: What will Tom teach?

  • Learn about prospecting in the 21st century – Tom won’t tell you to cold call, he promises.
  • How to talk about your Brand – Spending two minutes early on will change your relationship with a new prospect. You can also alter how longtime customers think about your company.
  • How to apply your knowledge of your customer’s business – No one hires your services without a business goal. This is leverage you can use.
  • The best language for proposals – What needs to be said, and what doesn’t. Words matter.
  • How to succeed at negotiating. – Everyone expects to negotiate. Few are prepared to do it well.
  • How to remain relevant in your role. – You need a career path and the ability to earn top dollar. Step one: Be worth it.
“Great system. I love it. This brings it all together.”
– Chris Prosio, Director of Sales, DWP Live

Plus, we have an exciting guest speaker! If you know Tom, he is uber-picky about who he shares the stage with. They have to be clever, dynamic, and bring extreme value.

Nancy Cramer is The Mental Efficiency Expert. Nancy teaches people the science of thinking on purpose, switching on the power inside of them so they can do for themselves what needs to be done to grow, contribute and be happy. This gives clients the results that they seek in their life and career.

Nancy’s clients learn how to think on purpose. Having planned and led major technological and cultural change initiatives in the retail, manufacturing and software industries, Nancy facilitates change and communications in major corporations and provides private coaching for business leaders and new professionals to drive clients to exceptional results.

“When I get stuck, when my brain gets in the way of my goals, Nancy is my go-to person.”
– Tom Stimson


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