Intentional Success® Monthly Webinar

How often do you stop, turn off your phone, close email, and actually work on your business?

The whole idea behind Intentional Success® is that it is not enough to have a plan — you need to make incremental improvements continuously in order to reach your goals.

Tom Stimson's monthly webinars take on some of your most vexing issues. You will receive valuable business advice and best practices customized for the Live Event Industry.

In this month's Intentional Success® webinar...

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Tom Answers Your Questions Live

Tom Stimson

Owner of The Stimson Group

Always thought-provoking, relevant, and thorough. Intentional Success® Webinar attendees know they will receive great advice and understand their next steps to apply it.

Webinars are presented by Tom Stimson who will answer your questions live. Register once and you are subscribed for the next twelve months.

Intentional Success® webinars take place every month (generally on the third Wednesday) at 1pm CT/ 2pm ET. We use Zoom webinars, so you can watch or listen from any device.

Topics are updated every month and you will receive an email reminder with the scheduled topic and directions on how to join.

Be sure to add these events to your calendar so you have handy access to the link and the Zoom security passcode.

Webinars are recorded and available for one month. See latest webinar here.



Next webinar starts Wednesday, October 20, 2021.

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