Intentional Success® Club

Network, learn, and share with other event production owners and managers under the guidance and expertise of Industry Expert Tom Stimson.

Tom helped me find out where I wanted the company to go. After the first day, the cloud of smoke was lifted. I realized that I was going to have fun again.

Arren Wetzel

Owner, CLE Productions

It's just nice to know that we're all in the same boat. It's the marketing, it's wanting more revenue, making sure the profitability is there, not too much gear, not enough gear, too much labor, not enough labor, all that stuff.

Al Manji

Quest AV

Club has taught me that we can be good at a lot of things, but we need to capitalize on that and hold each other accountable.

Daniel Anderson

Stratum Productions

My biggest takeaway is how much I am in my own way. I need to get back to working on my company instead of just in it.

Yamasia Evans

Technical Communications

I really like peer groups because I look forward to being held accountable for actions if not results

Dave Jensen


It is interesting to see how many of us are accidental entrepreneurs and how we all have so much untapped revenue.

John Johnson


Would it surprise you to know that every business owner deals with the same challenges you face?

They also experience limited time, a shortage of ideas, half-finished solutions, and occasional burnout.

Owners that work in isolation:

  • Try things once and give up too easily
  • Try the same thing over and over, but don't get the intended results
  • Try nothing, because they lack trustworthy information

They get stuck in a vacuum, revisiting the same ideas offered by well-intentioned employees and friends.

Your peers are in YOUR industry

Spend more time optimizing and accelerating your business and ZERO time explaining what business you are in!

I think the peer group has really helped me keep my people moving and motivated. It's contagious. I feel myself elevating my leadership ability over the last year, it's like pretty noticeable. Even some of my guys have been saying it.

Zack Grant

SEAS Productions

Intentional Success® Club will help you....

Get support with everyday problems or nagging questions that keep you up at night

Make better decisions, faster; Learn from mistakes sooner

Refocus, recenter, and revive, so you can prioritize better and get more done

Joining an Intentional Success® Club is like tapping into a brain trust that knows everything there is to know about how to succeed in the Live Events Industry.

Annual Program: 

  • Two in-person meetings per year hosted by a Club Member with two full days of work and fun
  • Two half-day virtual meetings with deep dives, guest speakers, and problem-solving
  • Eight additional one-hour Club check-in meetings 
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions for Members
  • Discounts on Business Assessment, Strategy, and Roadmapping sessions with Tom Stimson
  • Discounts to Stimson Group workshops 
  • Invitations to Tom Stimson's Client-Only events
  • Meetups at Industry Events

I think we've been doing business our way for so long that we don't know how to do it another way, which is holding us back.

Ashley Portier

Sound Ideas

Meetings that Matter

We are in the in-person events business, so meeting in person makes sense! Twice a year, a Club member will host an event at their location, where we will take a deep dive of the host's operations, meet their team, and ask a lot of questions. In addition, we will take deep dives into complex topics that require education, discussion, and application.


By meeting in-person, every member will have ample time to talk about their successes, failures, and get actionable feedback from their peers. We will take the time to explore the important questions. Social time is important too, so we will schedule an outing plus dinner offsite. 

At one of these two in-person events, we invite your management team to attend. The program will include general sessions for your selling, planning, and admin experts. Owners will also spend time in their own private session.

To help offset the hosts' costs of hosting, we will invite your key suppliers to sponsor the meals and outings.

Intentional Progress

Methodically dive deeper and deeper into what makes your business work. 






120-Minute Virtual

Introduction, Annual Goals and Accountability

Get to know your peers, hear their journeys, learn how you can make an impact on each other.


60-minute Virtual 

Sales Proposals, Tools

Share your best practices. Discover new ideas to share with your Selling team.


60-minute Virtual

Show Books, Tools

Share your best practices on show planning, prep, and communication to the field. Discover new ideas to share with your Planning team.


Two-Day In-person

Finance, Budgets, and Organization

Work on the business of your business; Truly understand what your financials are telling you; Learn how to involve your team to more effectively support business goals.


60-minute Virtual

Procurement, Tools

Share your best practices on talent, show support, and service buying. Discover new ideas to share with your Procurement team.


60-minute Virtual

Admin Tools, Tool

Share your best practices bookkeeping, expenses, payroll, and IT. Discover new ideas to share with your Admin team.


Two-Day In-person

Marketing, Selling, Planning, Admin Deep Dive

Invite your key Managers to attend this event so they can network with their peers and learn from each other.


60-minute Virtual


Share your best practices. Discover new ideas to share with your Management team.


60-minute Virtual


Share your best practices. Discover new ideas to share with your Management team. 


120-Minute Virtual

Next Year's Budget and Business Plan

Each member presents their goals, strategies, and budget for the coming year. The focus is on feedback and accountability.


60-minute Virtual

Team Goals and Compensation 

Share your best practices. Discover new ideas to share with your Management team.


60-minute Virtual

Reflections and Aspirations

Recap your year: Biggest wins and losses, lessons learned, aspirations for the future.

Everyone has gaps in their knowledge and experience, but that is exactly why single industry peer groups are so effective. Collectively, your Club has most of the answers you need, and your coach can cite many more examples from their other clients and personal experience.

What makes you a good fit?
Who is a candidate for membership?

  1. You wake up every morning wanting to get to the next level.
  2. You are comfortable not knowing all the answers, but uncomfortable with the status quo.
  3. You need support for your ideas, motivation to act on them, and accountability to help you follow-through.
  4. You can't wait another week, month, or year to act on your goals.

Next Steps

Let's have an honest conversation about your goals (business and personal, because it's all connected). If you are a good fit for the group, membership is fast and easy.