It starts with an honest conversation.

If there's trust and you are willing to work, I'll share everything I know to help you succeed. 

But let's get to know each other first.

I realized that I was going to have fun again.

Tom helped me find out where I wanted the company to go. After the first day, the cloud of smoke was lifted. I realized that I was going to have fun again.

Arren Wetzel

Owner, CLE Productions

Then, we talk about goals.

Too often, Principals prioritize the most achievable goals over the most important goals. Don't apologize for wanting to make money. Don't put off fulfilling your exit strategy over short-term needs. These are your true objectives. Everything else is just statistics.

Define success

Every owner has different goals. You decide your destination. I will help you stay on track.

Map your journey

Together we design your roadmap. This is where we zero-in on tactics like defining ideal customers, prioritizing next hires, and optimizing processes.

Execute Intentionally

We plan for obstacles and challenges. We build a process for process change to keep momentum and stay nimble. Best practices will become your new normal.

Practical Solutions

Strategic Assessment and Roadmap

The industry’s most experienced business strategist will help you understand what your numbers mean, which markets you should serve, and where to invest your energy and resources so you can reach your goals more quickly.

Intentional Success® Club

The Club is our Peer Group Program for business owners that would benefit from mutual support, problem-solving, and accountability. Benefits include monthly Zoom check-ins, in-person events, financial benchmarking, and 1-on-1 coaching.

Jumpstart Workshops

Immerse yourself and your team in the principles and best practices of Scalability. Jumpstart events take place several times a year and focus on the roles of your key employees.


Fractional COO support to quickly guide your management team through the tactical changes needed to support your strategy.

Advice That Fits

Owners have a language all their own. Any decent business coach knows how to speak it. But Live Event companies also speak another language — one that only insiders understand. Having an advisor from the same industry makes your world seem less small.

"I just want to find a solution without having to explain how my whole industry works," one coaching prospect explained to me.

Owners need an advocate who can look at their business strategically, help set clear goals, and hold them accountable.

What they don't need is another person they need to explain their industry to. 

My principles


The faster I learn about you, the sooner we can make the necessary changes. Since we share the same goal, we don’t need secrets. We need results.

Proven Systems and Processes

Whatever problem you're experiencing, I promise a solution already exists. The trick is adapting standard SOPs to your unique situation.

Personalized Approach

Just because I'm familiar with what you are going through doesn't mean I automatically assume what you need. Every client deserves a prescription that fits their individual diagnosis.

Make a plan, so you can change it.

Everything won't go as planned. If we understand the roadmap, we can better navigate the detours. Your goal might be six weeks or six years down the road. The process doesn't change. The first step is to share your biggest challenge with me.

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Strategic Resources Collection


Strategy is engineering what you want to happen based on what you think will happen. When we walk, we always look five steps ahead — yet we take one step at a time. To run, you must trust your ability to constantly shift your view forward. Download the bundle to start your strategic journey on the right foot.

This bundle includes

  • What Do Owners Want for Their Businesses NOW? 
  • Why Sticking to a Strategy Is More Important Than Choosing One
  • How To Apply Your Strategy to Practical Areas of Your Business