Help Me Write My Next Book
Tom Stimson
February 22, 2024
PC #31: Help Me Write My Next Book

Get a sneak peek into my plans for my next book, Execution, where I’ll share strategies to help your team flawlessly deliver on promises made to clients.

In this episode, I ask for your input around 3 key questions:

  • What promises are worth making in business?
  • What past promises do you regret making?
  • What makes someone “promise worthy”?

I want to explore how having the right systems and people in place allows you to confidently promise clients a nearly perfect execution. This book will be about setting your company up for success BEFORE you walk into the ballroom.

Have a listen and let me know your thoughts! I’d love to incorporate your ideas.

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About Tom Stimson
Tom Stimson MBA, CTS is an authority on business and strategy for small- to medium-sized companies. He is an expert on project-based selling and a thought leader for innovative business processes.
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