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Why do I give away so much content? Because the more folks that understand there’s a better way to run their businesses, the more demand there is for intelligent advisors. I hope you find the answers you seek and if you want to learn more, let’s talk. 


What Do Owners Want for Their Businesses NOW?

Over the past decade I have learned a lot about what it means to own a business, how business owners think, and what is most important to them. I have narrowed this down to a ...

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Case Study
See how others have bridged the gap from advice to action, leading to powerful results.
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Track the right numbers and know what to do with the information.
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Leadership will overcome your biggest challenges. Organization is what allows them to step in.
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Marketing is the art of preparing the customer to buy before they even arrive.
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The purpose of operations is to convert revenue into gross profit and repeat business.
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Welcome to the Intentional Success Podcast, where we provide you with the tools and resources you need to help your business grow and scale… on purpose.
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Your customers are evolving; shouldn't your sales process change too?

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Strategic Resources Collection


Strategy is engineering what you want to happen based on what you think will happen. When we walk, we always look five steps ahead — yet we take one step at a time. To run, you must trust your ability to constantly shift your view forward. Download the bundle to start your strategic journey on the right foot.

This bundle includes

  • What Do Owners Want for Their Businesses NOW? 
  • Why Sticking to a Strategy Is More Important Than Choosing One
  • How To Apply Your Strategy to Practical Areas of Your Business

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Own the next call

A customer conversation is part of a series of events. Moving forward is what makes the next conversation valuable for your client.

Diagnosing Lack of Growth

Growth doesn't come from just doing one thing well, it comes from doing a lot of things really well. So you better get started, right?

Honest Conversations

When you're interacting with a client, it's your credibility that matters. You're selling yourself.