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Intentional Success® Club

A transformative peer group program for event production owners and managers to accelerate business growth, unlock untapped revenue streams, and achieve their full potential through structured networking, expert guidance, and unwavering accountability.

Jumpstart Workshops

A game-changing learning and networking experience, empowering companies to scale intentionally through strategic planning, effective selling, & balanced operations, equipping them with invaluable insights and actionable strategies to drive growth & profitability.

Intentional Success® Masterclass

An exclusive, principal-only event where business owners in the live event industry will gain invaluable insights from industry leader Tom Stimson and like-minded peers on implementing proven strategies for intentional, scalable growth that maximizes profitability while minimizing risk.


Intentional Success® Boot Camp is for Live Event business Owners that want a better return on their investment. This 3-day immersive introduction to all things scalable will help you transform your future and streamline your journey.

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Strategic Resources Collection


Strategy is engineering what you want to happen based on what you think will happen. When we walk, we always look five steps ahead — yet we take one step at a time. To run, you must trust your ability to constantly shift your view forward. Download the bundle to start your strategic journey on the right foot.

This bundle includes

  • What Do Owners Want for Their Businesses NOW? 
  • Why Sticking to a Strategy Is More Important Than Choosing One
  • How To Apply Your Strategy to Practical Areas of Your Business