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"I wish we had done this years ago."
It took some convincing, but I had to let go of long-held beliefs about operations in particular. It all seems so clear now – I wish we had done this years ago.
Dan Bashore
President and GM, Bartha Audio Visual
"Tom is an incredible wealth of knowledge..."
Tom is an incredible wealth of knowledge and has helped my team navigate all of their ideas, questions and challenges. Finding someone who gets all facets of my business while having the experience in the event industry has been remarkable.
Jon Davis
Owner, Sight & Sound Productions
"He'll always introduce you to some kind of new idea..."
He'll always introduce you to some kind of new idea, some kind of new approach, some kind of new insight that will change your business and change your business in a positive way.
Mark Aistrope
Owner, Meeting Tomorrow

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The more you share about your goals, assets, and obstacles, the more productive our first conversation will be. My experience is in Corporate Events, Touring, Entertainment, Creative Production, Production Management, Manufacturing, and Distribution in the Professional Live Event industry. Tell me your story.

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I help business owners like you with challenges like:

What's the best way to...?

I can show you how to implement proven solutions to maximize your return on investment.

"Why will that help me...?"

The sooner you optimize your assets, systems, and processes, the faster the value of your business will grow.

"What should I stop doing?"

As your trusted advisor, I offer unbiased perspective and decades of experience that keeps you from getting in your own way.

What is your top priority today?

Reach strategic goals sooner

The market has changed. Has your strategy moved with it? Reduce strategic friction by adapting to the market instead of the other way around.

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Do I have the right assets?

We need to optimize People, Products, Pricing, and Process for where you are now, then evolve to meet the demands of where you are headed

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Put your end game first

You are in business for a reason. There’s no reason your goals need to come second.

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About Tom Stimson

Tom Stimson is a Business Advisor, Author, Coach, and Speaker who works exclusively with hands-on owners and management teams that want to improve their decision-making and elevate their strategic thinking. Having spent over 40 years in the professional event industry, Tom has rewritten almost every business best practice twice or more.

Latest book

Balance: How to build a scalable business with less stress and more profit

If you want to un-complicate your business, do good work more easily, and make money more consistently, then fix your processes. At this stage of your business career, you have enough perspective to see a better path, but first you need to get over what you did to get where you are.

"New challenges sometimes require new solutions. In Tom's book, he not only outlines the plan for change, but de-risks the fear of making those changes."

Angela Alea

President and Chief Revenue Officer

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Your customers are evolving; shouldn't your sales process change too?

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