Expect More

A recurring theme with Owners is their frustration with the team, clients, suppliers, and any number of factors outside of their control that adversely affect their day. They focus on the failures and disappointments instead of creating successes. To the owner, his company is like a drum. When he tosses something to it – a problem to be solved, an investment, and idea – they just bounce loudly back to him/her.  “we’re too busy…this won’t work…”

My role is to identify the internal constraints to getting things done and teach the owner how to reclaim the role they want in their business, how to have fun again, and how to rekindle the romance with their entrepreneurial spirit.

“I’ve gained a lot of freedom, a lot of time, and a lot of opportunity to just focus on the business. It’s been very freeing to have the opportunity to go and do what I feel like I need to do for the business instead of being heads down every day”
– Danny Whetstone, President, DWP Live