Intentional Success®

Intentional Success® is the expectation that your goals will be met if you have someone that helps you protect that intent with advice, best practices, fresh approaches, and the occasional intervention. Make a plan so you can change it. Don’t change the goal, change your path.

The Wake-Up Call®

The Wake-Up Call® is a personal experience and it is different for every one of my clients. It’s that moment when something important that you didn’t see before suddenly becomes obvious. Paths become clearer, objectives more solid, goals come within reach.

A Peek Under the Hood®

Businesses are like old cars in that there are many ways to keep them on the road. Your budget, your goals, and immediate concerns all come into play. You want to personally speak to the mechanic under a shady tree, and get an on the spot diagnosis and a feel for what the best options are.

Burn the Ships!℠

Change is coming and it will be collaborative, careful, measurable, and fast. Are you the kind of owner that wants continual progress? Then you might be a Burn the Ships!℠ kind of client.

Advisory Programs

Tom isn’t a business coach; he’s an Advisor. An Advisor will cut through the process and help you make decisions, vet ideas, and see the future. Together we can make real-time adjustments and get where you are going.

Strategic Thinking

Companies that know where they are going get there faster. Tom can help you turn your best thinking into your better outcomes.


Tom Stimson has spent much of his life on the stage and knows how to engage an audience without tricks or gimmicks. He will keep them in their seats and even the most crusty attendees will leave with something to think about.

Market Insights and Industry Briefings

Tom is an expert at small business, but he is also a preeminent authority on the Professional Audiovisual Industry. He advises Manufacturers, Distributors, and Investors about the market strategies, business trends, and channel behaviors.


There are things that companies need to get done but lack the experience or expertise to do so. Tom is a trusted outside resource who will get things done quickly, intelligently, and completely.