Jumpstart 2024 Workshops

Networking, sharing, and learning events for revenue, generators, managers and owners of Live Event Production companies on the road to Intentional Scalability

Jumpstart Planning and Execution

Denver - August 14-15

Deadline for registration: July 1, 2024

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Why do so many people attend?

"The networking, receptions, content, peer to peer time was all super valuable and well-timed out throughout."

"It was re-energizing and the content was engaging and practical all day."

"The opportunity to learn from industry experts is unmatched and networking with your peers helps ensure you'll follow through."

"We have lots of new ideas and now have actionable items we can use to fix some of the problems within our sales process"

"Tom's insight into the challenges faced by the industry is uncanny. "

"Karl was amazing, apparently I am an "Iceberg" sales person, but did not realize it. Very validating"

 - Atlanta 2024 Attendee Feedback

What Jumpstart Planning and Execution is All About

Our industry has changed for the better. We are no longer rental geeks. We get very important shows done for our customers. This isn't a click and fill transaction - you offer a professional solution overseen by experts using the latest tools and technology.

Operations is tactical  - Planning is strategic

Why the change? It's complicated, but we have learned a lot over the past four years.

In Jumpstart Selling we focused on how to de-rentify our businesses. Rental is transactional. We get shows done. It requires something different from line-item rental quotes and arcane formulas (that no one can explain).

The Show Crew (Execution) is the customer of Planning

Operational mindset is about filling orders. Too many companies rely on Project Managers to drag an order through the system. It's messy, inconsistent, and expensive. The more jobs you have going on at a time, the worse it gets.

Balanced companies retool the Sales Team (were they ever really a team?) into Selling Roles. Operations teams become Planning Roles. Selling and Planning get shows done, together. The rest of the company takes care of leadership and Administration (Admin).

Show crews stick with what they do best - Doing Shows.

The output of Planning is the Show Book and a perfectly prepped order

Jumpstart Planning and Execution will take you through the roles, processes, tools, and resources needed to get shows done, scalably.

Goodbye crusty operations! Say so long to project management band-aids. 

The teams that build shows should be just as knowledgeable as the teams that execute them. Compact, efficient, and professional.

Upgrade your OPERATIONS silo to a PLANNING Organization

Denver - August 14-15

What's different about Jumpstart?

"Tom Stimson has a way of cutting through to the heart of the matter. He is straightforward and clear that all aspects of business are important to master to keep things in balance."

"Jumpstart Selling has not only reshaped my approach to sales but also infused a renewed sense of purpose and direction into my business endeavors."

"Tom Stimson answers the questions you are afraid to ask about your business."

"Karl Becker offers lessons that are like a great therapy session offering guidance with purpose."

"Tom creates a safe space to learn, grow, and excel within the world of AV Production space. It's an investment in your future."

"Even if you just come away with one thing, it's worth it!"

 -  Atlanta 2024 Attendee Feedback

Denver August 14-15 Agenda

Wednesday Night

17:00-19:00 Opening Reception

Hit the town afterward, but don't stay out too late!

Thursday All Day 

07:30 - Networking Breakfast 

08:30 - 9:45 Keynote:  "Balance: The Planning System for Scalable Companies" - Tom Stimson 

10:00 - 11:00  Keynote: "Are You a Speed Bump or an Accelerator?" - Karl Becker

11:15 - 12:15 Workshops Round 1 

12:15 - 13:30 Networking Lunch

13:30 - 14:15  Workshop Round 2 

14:30 - 15:30 Peer-Peer Roundtable Sessions (Random groups)

16:00 - 17:00 Keynote: "Putting it All Together - How to transform a rental operation to a scalable Planning solution" - Tom Stimson

17:00 - 17:30 The Straight Dope Panel Q&A and Closing

17:30 - 20:00 Networking Reception 

Dinner on your own with your new friends


Stimson Group LLC

Tom Stimson

Jumpstart is about the business of the Live Events business. Tom Stimson wrote the book on management best practices for our industry, then he improved on it.

His forty years of experience has helped hundreds of event production companies work smarter, grow faster, and make more money by applying the intricacies of Intentional Scalability.

Tom is the author of Balance: How to build a scalable business with less stress and more profit  and Demand: How to Build a Smarter Sales Funnel So You Can Turn Down Better Business

Improving Sales Performance

Karl Becker

Karl Becker has thirty years of experience as a business owner, leader, salesperson, consultant, and coach. He has worked with event companies for over 10 years to improve their sales and marketing organizations and drive revenue.

Karl coaches event production sales teams and individual contributors out of the "order-taking" mindset that undermines value propositions and hurts margins.

Karl is the author of Iceberg Selling  and Set up to Win: Three Frameworks to a High-Performing Sales Organization


Opening Keynote

Balance - The Planning System for Scalable Companies

De-rentify your events and start producing shows

Tom Stimson, Stimson Group LLC, Author, Coach, Advisor

Operations doesn't describe what we do anymore. It's the name of a place, and we've built defenses around it to protect it from...whom? Is it our own people we are trying to keep out? It's impossible to be the hero when your primary role is telling people "No, we don't have that," or, "There's not enough time to get that done." 

Except that we are in the "we can get that," and "We will get it done," business. 

Sales and Operations are inherently incompatible processes working for different bosses. One's on horseback and the other is behind the defenses. For forty years, Tom Stimson has moderated the battle between sales and operations that has been unintentionally fueled by bad business math. Fixing the sides has not worked, so it's time to replace them with Selling and Planning spheres that overlap with technical design, pricing, and scope of work.

In this session, learn the fundamentals of Planning in the scalable business model and how it supports our most important customer, Execution.

Workshops Round 1 (pick one)

Workshop A

The Scalable Organization Chart

Learn how to see your company as a team instead of silos. Focus on processes and roles instead of hierarchies and accountabilities. 

Workshop B

Redefining Show Prep

Learn innovative ways to output the plan, so your Show team is informed and prepared. The Show Book is the deliverable, but what goes into it?


Are You a Speed Bump or an Accelerator?

How to be the hero to your internal customers

Karl Becker, Improving Sales Performance, Coach, Author, Sales Expert

Balance is all about how organizations work together to understand our customers, bring value, be of service, and ultimately deliver what the customer needs at a fair margin. When your sales team is bogged down in operational details, limitations, and jargon - how can they meet the end customer's needs?


Karl Becker has put together a super-powerful session on nurturing the symbiotic relationship between selling and planning. Learn each other's love language and understand the iceberg that is beneath every request.

Workshops Round 2

Workshop A

(topics in progress)

Workshop B

(topics in progress)

Peer-Peer Roundtables (Randomly Assigned)

Sit down with your colleagues, ask the hard questions, challenge assumptions, and share your ideas. Use this opportunity to pick the brains of fellow learners. You decide the topics! 

These sessions will be moderated by members of the Intentional Success® Club peer groups. They will help you explore what you have learned and hear how others have applied those lessons. 

Closing Session 

Putting it All Together - How to transform a rental operation to a scalable Planning solution

The small steps to big results

Tom Stimson, Stimson Group LLC, Author, Coach, Advisor

Whether you have 5 employees or 500, the transition from a silo'd operational system to a scalable planning system isn't an overnight fix. Tom will share real life stories of incremental progress and the payoffs from each step along the way.

Fees and Details

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This is an executive level conference with value far beyond the registration fee of $1,500.  There is a per-person discount when you register more than one attendee.

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You are responsible for your travel and accommodations. We will have a small room block available 4 to 6 weeks in advance of the event.

Sponsorship Opportunities

90% of Tom Stimson's content is free to everyone, but workshops come with overhead. We have limited opportunities for B2B Services partners to help host this event. Show the industry how much you care about their business.
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Jumpstart 2024 Calendar

ATLANTA April 3-4   - Event Complete!

Our first Jumpstart of the year will focus on the Selling Sphere which includes marketing, business development, account management, value creation, proposals, and how to collaborate with suppliers to win bigger projects. Don't leave growth to chance.

Early-Bird pricing in effect through March 15!

Atlanta Technology Partner

DENVER August 14-15 (finalizing location)

Replace your old-school operations model with a super-powered Planning team. Remember, we don't call it Operations anymore! Be Strategic. Learn how to optimize your Planning Sphere by improving process flow and upgrading your supply chain. Scalable companies don't do shows, they make shows happen!

SUPER SUPER Early-Bird pricing in effect through April 30!

Denver Technology Partner

DALLAS November 20-21 (finalizing location)

Make sure your management team is ready for 2025. Balanced companies understand that Selling, Planning, and Administration are equally important - if not equally sized. Strategy, Finance, Human Resources, Infrastructure, and Recruiting keep your business moving. Learn how to keep all the plates spinning without adding overhead. 

SUPER SUPER Early-Bird pricing in effect through August 30!

Dallas Technology Partner


Q: If something comes up, and I can’t attend, can I get a refund?
A: Single ticket refunds are available until two weeks in advance. Or, you can transfer your ticket at no additional cost to our next Jumpstart event.

Q: I have dietary restrictions. What are the food options?
A: We like to serve hot meals with a variety of choices. There are always vegetarian and gluten-free options, but if you have other needs, please let us know.

Q: Who should attend? Is this just for Owners or Executives?
A: This event is designed to help your Operations Team, Managers, Supervisors, and Department Heads better understand what makes your business tick. This might just be you and your second in command, or your entire team.

Q: I haven’t decided who can attend; can I still make my purchase?
A: Yes. During registration, you’ll be asked for attendee names and emails. Simply enter your name (or a placeholder name) and complete the registration. You can email us names later.

Q: Will my competitor be there?
A: We certainly hope so. The fact that you are too isn’t going to keep them away. Jumpstart workshops are highly collaborative events. Get outside your bubble and get to know the people who are influencing your business. 75% of attendees report doing business with someone they met at a Jumpstart event.

Q: What’s the dress code?
A: Jumpstart is super-casual. Some companies prefer their employees to wear corporate casual, but we won’t tell.