What We Do

Actionable Advice

Anyone can tell you what they believe is the right way to do things; what you need is guidance on how to get the results you intended. Actionable advice takes into account your condition, your resources, and most importantly your goals.

Love Your Business Again

You can measure success in an infinite number of ways, but owning a business is personal. You give of yourself, but if the company doesn’t give back – what’s the point? Tom Stimson believes that small- to medium-sized enterprises have an obligation to stakeholders that goes beyond financial returns.

The Next Step

Working hard only counts when you work on the right things. Every Stimson Group client starts a journey that begins with one move, one initiative, one change that will allow all the remaining steps occur in the right order at the right time. The Next Step is that first action that will allow a hundred more next steps to fall into line.


What To Expect From Us

What you want to hear is not always what you need to hear. Are you ready for The Wake-Up Call®?

You engage an Advisor for what they know, what they observe, and what they predict. This is the essence of Interventions with Uncommon Sense.

Anything less than fully honest and actionable advice is a disservice. Learn how to Succeed Intentionally.